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Culture in Val di Sole: museums and tradition

The Val di Sole has a wealth of history, tradition and culture. No matter what part of the region you’re in, every time you meet the local people or enjoy a slice of Trentino apple strudel, you will feel the passion the people feel for their land and their links with their roots. Take the time during your holiday to become better acquainted with our Val di Sole and its people.


Val di Sole is not just sport and nature, it’s also culture, the “Solandra culture” – ‘solandra’ simply meaning ‘from Val di Sole’. Our region has a long history and a culture that has been handed down over thousands of years. The Solandri are an authentic indigenous people, even though the valley has been colonised by various other peoples over the centuries, including Celts, Rhaetians, Romans, Franks and finally the Hapsburg Empire.

The Museo della civiltà solandra  (Museum of Val di Sole culture) in Malè contains tools, utensils and objects representative of the way of life in Val di Sole.